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What is business loan?

Business loans are meant for investments to cover temporary cash needs or to finance short-term projects.

Only companies can apply for a business loan, with a board member guarantee. Depending on loan amount and details the loan can be secured with board members guarantee, real estate and/or other acceptable collateral.

Appling for a business loan, we ask you to please fill out the form below. Our client support will contact you for more details as soon as possible.
Companies cash flow problems? 
◆ Delays: Your client pays their bills late this month?
◆ Wages: It's payday but you have a shortage of cash?
◆ Taxes: To avoid tax dept you need a fast solution with monthly payment plan?
Company needs short-term investment? 
◆ You can make large profit on your product but don't have enough to buy larger quantities?
◆ You have clients waiting but don't have enough resources to buy products from supplier?

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